5 Tips And Tricks On How To Lighten Your Skin!

So, you want to lighten your skin shade, but do not want to undergo those expensive skin treatments? We will tell you how you can do it without shelling out hundreds of dollars! The ingredients are easily available and will give you brighter looking skin in no time.

Check out the five tips and tricks on how you can lighten your skin tone:

  • Massage with the right oil
    Take two spoonful of olive oil and add honey to it. Massage the mixture on your face for a good 2-3 mins. This helps to lighten your skin tone whilst keeping it moisturized. It is very effective for dry and sensitive skin. In case you have oily skin, try adding a li'l lemon juice to the mixture and then apply it.
  • Drink juices
    Be it a glass full of fresh tomato juice or orange juice, make sure you drink either of the healthy drinks once a day. Try drinking both if you please! You will see your skin tone lightening in no time. This is because of the high vitamin C content in both tomatoes and oranges that works to keep your skin healthy and gives it a natural glow at the same time!
  • Skin toning twice a day is necessary
    Take rose water and apple cider vinegar in equal quantity in a small bowl. Soak a cotton pad in this solution and cleanse your skin thoroughly with the mixture. Wash off your face after two mins. Where rose water helps to improve your complexion, ACV helps to eliminate damaged and dead skin cells and other impurities.
  • Exfoliate regularly
    Exfoliation aids in warding off dead skin cells from your body thereby giving a life to your dry and dull skin and by replacing it with a skin that appears brighter than ever. You can simply use a mix of salt and sugar to exfoliate your body. For the face, you can use oatmeal or crushed almonds. However, please remember to be gentle on your skin. Do not be too harsh. Exfoliating twice a week should be enough to give you a polished looking skin.
  • Apply the all-natural bleach pack
    Take 2 tablespoons of lemon/orange peel powder. Add a tablespoon of honey, and two tablespoons of lemon juice to it. Make a creamy paste out of the ingredients. Apply it on your face and keep it at least for 15mins. Use it once or twice a week to get an impeccably glowing skin.

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