The incredible properties of Aloe Vera Gel, need, absolutely no introduction. Aloe Vera gel is often referred to as a Miracle Plant for its numerous benefits and qualities. This gel has earned its place in almost every household.
But here's the catch:

We know some of the aloe vera benefits that you might not have heard of!

Let's get straight to them:

1. Premature Aging Will Not Bother You Anymore

Fine lines and wrinkles will start appearing on your skin as you age. But, pure aloe vera gel has the power to put a stop to the early signs of aging. With age, your skin will become dry and lose the elasticity, this is the reason behind fine lines and wrinkles. According to recent studies, Aloe vera will improve the skin's elasticity by removing the presence of every dead cell and make it much more supple and smooth.

2. Blemishes and Acne Will Be A Worry Of The Past

It has an amazing impact on acne and blemishes. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties due to the presence of auxins and gibberellins. This reduces the presence of acne. The polysaccharides in aloe vera will stimulate new cell growth. It will speed up the process of healing and cure the acne without causing any scars.

3. No Sunburn

Aloe Vera is the best sun treatment, available. It has an anti-inflammatory properties which soothes the skin and reduces the burning sensation. If you experience irritation or redness because of overexposure in the sun, then Aloe Vera is the answer to your woes.

4. Takes Care of The Insect Bites and Your External Wounds

Aloe is a highly effective solution against insect bites and wounds. Make the most of Aloe Vera gel on insect bites, cuts, and bruises. One can even use it as aftershave lotion to treat irritated skin.

5. Goodbye, Stretch Marks

Our skin acts like elastic, expanding and contracting with the passage of time and age. However, due to rapid weight gain or pregnancy the skin ends up stretching way too far way too fast, this can leave behind the signs of stretching known as stretch marks. These stretch marks don’t look appealing and can be taken care of with the regular application of Aloe Vera gel.
The incredible properties of Aloe Vera gel on skin is the best form of healing and herbal remedy since ages. Use Aloe Vera gel to nourish, nurture, and enhance the beauty of your skin.

Here are few of Mirah Belle’s hand crafted products which has Aloe vera as main ingredient:

1. Miracle Aloe Vera – Tea Tree Anti Acne Soap

Are you tired of the acne that have been your companion from the early days of teenage?
Pimples and acne are never welcomed by anybody and they are nightmare of every single person on earth, be it of any age. You must have tried all the homemade remedies and then moved on to the numerous products that are available in the market with the hope that your friend (read enemy) can be killed once and for all. How would you feel if you get to know that getting rid of them is just a bath away?
No, no more joking! Organic Skin Care holds a transformative magic.
Miracle Aloe Vera Anti-acne Soap help you to bid adios to acne once and for all. You can be assured that there will be no surprise visits as long as your new friend is in your washroom cupboard! As it has Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Extract, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Soap Base. Get clear skin after every bath with this Miracle Soap.

2. Aloe Vera Face Gel

Made using only organic ingredients, the Aloe Vera gel is a must-have. It is absolutely vegan and is devoid of any kind of synthetic chemicals like Sulphate or Paraben.
It has Ashwagandha Extract: which is packed with the goodness of antioxidants. This allows it to successfully fight the damaging free radicals produced via exposure to harmful UV radiation from the sun, which means no more dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.
A toner is an essential part of a woman’s skin care regimen hence you can use Aswagandha as a toner too. It helps to properly cleanse the skin and reduce the appearance of large pores.It also maintains the skin’s youthful suppleness by triggering the production of collagen as well as the skin’s natural oils.

3. White Tea - Aloe Anti Acne Face Cream

Acne is one skin problem that can occur to anyone, whether you’re a teen or an adult, and it is the most annoying thing in the world for sure! But there’s a fix to it. Use the Acne Face Cream and watch your acne problem disappear within a few weeks. It is made of 100% natural ingredients and is super safe on your skin.
Apart from Aloe vera it has following ingredients:

  • White Tea: The white tea extract contains many compounds that help inhibit the growth of bacteria that is responsible for a range of inflammatory skin infections.
  • Garlic Root Extract: Garlic contains Allicin that aids in fighting off the bacteria that causes acne.It boosts blood circulation and promotes healthier skin as well.
  • Jojoba Oil: This odorless essential oil helps balance oil production in the skin, fixes skin disorders like acne and dry skin, reduces the appearance of dark circles!