The oil that wins end of the day!

This is one such oil that needs no introduction. I am sure most of us have used castor oil for hair and skin benefits once or more in their respective lives. Castor oil is easily available, easy to use and has multiple advantages. This is the reason why it finds its place in some of the top most beauty and skin enhancing products in the market. Let us take a look at some of its magical features.

castor oil for skin and hair

Benefits of using castor oil on your skin:

  • It acts as a good moisturizer: castor oil moisturizes and hydrates your skin in general or during winters, you can use castor oil to get rid of that perpetual dryness in your skin.

  • Reduces dark circles and fine lines: dark circles are pretty common these days. Insufficient sleep can lead to puffy eyes as well. It is recommended that every night, before you go to sleep, apply some amount of castor oil under your eyes. This reduces dark circles and crow’s feet.

  • It makes your skin tone even: castor oil reduces tans and blemishes. It helps you to get rid of pigmentation and sunburn as a result of which your skin tone becomes even.

The fun part of using castor oil is that it can be used for all skin problems. Only a tiny amount of oil does the work.

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