Cedar Wood oil: Protection. Wisdom. Abundance.

From acnes to anti-inflammatory properties, cough and cold to hair growth, muscles to tooth aches, cedar wood oil finds its importance in everything. This tree has been mentioned in many books, novels and the Bible. The reason being that it is one oil which has multiple uses. We discuss some of them below.

cedarwood essential oil

Benefits of cedar wood oil for skin:

• It helps in fighting eczema: eczema is a type of skin disease which causes blemishes, rashes, redness of skin and skin irritation. Application of cedar wood oil reduces eczema and brightens your skin

• It has antiseptic properties: cedar wood oil has antiseptic properties. It protects the body against toxins and immunes the body against any kind of viral or bacterial infection. This is why it is used by people with sensitive skin.

• It reduces joint stiffness: joint stiffness is common among many people. Cedar wood oil reduces joint and muscle pain when used on skin externally.

• It acts as a natural deodorant: the beautiful aroma of cedar wood makes it a chief ingredient in deodorants and perfumes. It adds a warm tone to the body.

• It acts as an anti-mosquito repellent: the fun part of cedar wood oil is that it keeps mosquitoes away. A few drops of cedar wood oil sprayed on your skin can keep away those blood suckers.

You can therefore use cedar wood oil for healthy skin and body whenever you want.