Originated from southern Europe, clary sage essential oil has been used for several centuries in treating different ailments.

The oil is extracted by distilling the flowers and leaves of the stout clary sage herb. The seeds of the clary sage plant were famed for their ability to cure eye ailments.

The organic extract has a soothing scent that calms the mind and has long been used for aromatherapy treatments. Locals usually cultivate clary sage for flavouring tea however there are other benefits.

In this article, we'll share how beneficial clary sage essential oil can be for skin care, menstrual pain and hormonal balance.

Relieves Menstrual Pain

It can be difficult to scale through the day with crushing menstrual cramps and still stay productive whether at work or anywhere. Clary sage essential oil has shown exceptional properties in alleviating menstrual pain. A study has shown that applying a cream that contains the oil on the lower abdomen brings significant relief. The oil has also been known as Woman's oil for centuries because of its effects on the hormones which in turn helps to reduce menstrual pain. Clary sage oil contains sclareol which works like the oestrogen hormone. This hormonal property makes the oil effective for reducing symptoms of menopause as well.

Benefits in Skin Care

Clary sage essential oil stimulates proper blood circulation and detoxifies the skin for healthier, shinier complexion. Living in urban areas, we are exposed to different toxins due to the pollutants in the environment. These toxins can dwell in skin pores and cause different skin conditions like pigmentation and breakouts. This essential oil, triggers the lymphatic process to flush out every harmful toxin from your skin. It contains an active linalyl acetate compound which works well to soothe skin irritation, reduce inflammation and even aid the healing of wounds. Due to its antibacterial properties, clary sage oil has a powerful effect on bacterial agents that are known to infect wounds. Try Mirah Belle's Stretch Marks Removal Oil for removing stretch marks.

Keeps Hormonal Balance in Check

Clary sage essential oil has a soothing and refreshing scent that is used in aromatherapy to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. If you're looking to relieve stress and promote a healthy lifestyle after the tasking activities of the day, the oil can be inhaled to induce a feeling of relaxation and reduce blood pressure. This organic extract can be used as an anti-stressor to combat depression. This is because clary sage oil reduces the stress hormone called cortisol and leaves an antidepressant feel. Clary sage oil makes up for the small amount of oestrogen in menopausal women. Its active sclareol constituent, which acts like oestrogen, is beneficial for reducing the symptoms of menopause. The hormonal balance capabilities of the oil ensure the right oil amounts in the epidermis for optimal skin nourishment and a glowing complexion.