Boost the quality of your hair with Ginseng

It is said that good hair and clear skin are two main keys towards looking pretty and presentable. You need to have manageable hair that might not have the shine like that of the models in the commercials of shampoos and hair oils, but should be healthy nevertheless! Having healthy hair instantly improves your appearance. You seem to be more presentable while messed up and hair that is not properly cared for always leave a bad impression especially if you are going for an interview.

Ginseng is an ingredient often found in hair care products because of its numerous benefits it has to offer to the hair. It also has health and skin benefits, but let us concentrate only on the benefits it has on hair for the day!

ginseng extract

Benefits of Ginseng Extract for Hair

1. There are many types of Ginseng. Among them, panax ginseng greatly stimulates hair growth on topical application by improving the ability of regeneration of hair.

2. It also helps in improving the hair growth by improving the circulation of blood in the scalp.

3. The health of the hair follicles as well as the cells are improved by Ginseng, thereby preventing hair loss.

4. The proliferation process of the cells of dermal papilla is improved. This greatly helps in prevention of hair fall.

5. Supplies nutrition to the hair and scalp internally and thus make them healthy.

There are many benefits of using Ginseng for hair and thus many haircare product companies use it as an active ingredient.

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