How to Prevent Your Acne from Coming Back?

Acnes are the bane of existence for oily skinned people. Acnes are formed when our skin produces excessive amount of sebum and hence there is no getting rid of it. Even if our zits are cured they keep coming back again and again until we give up on our hopes completely. However, as a wise man once said, prevention is better than care, we can atleast try to guide you on how you can try and keep those acnes at bay for as long as possible. So, here are a few tips that will effectively help you to prevent those acnes from coming back-

  • Wash your face properly-  Washing your face every time you sweat is the first step that should be taken to prevent the acnes from coming back. You can use Miracle Lavender Rosemary Anti - Blemish Soap to wash your face so that your sebum production is controlled and your blemishes are reduced.
  • Use a cleanser twice a day- It is very important to wash your face at least twice a day in order to get rid of excessive amount of sebum. Use an anti-acne face wash like that of Tea Tree – Haritaki Anti Acne Face Wash which will effectively reduce the sebum production. However, do not use the cleanser more than twice a day as it will dry out your skin and will result in excess sebum.
  • Do not touch your pimples- Remember that your hands carry a lot of bacteria and is bound to cause inflammation if you touch your acne every now and then. So, learn to keep your hands off your face and before touching your face do wash your hands with an anti-bacterial soap.
  • Do not pick the acnes- Do not pick at the acnes as it is going to make the zits much more painful. The whole area is going to be inflamed and reddened up. Picking can cause more bacteria to settle in your skin and will result in the acne problem getting worse.
  • Avoid makeup for a while- It is best to avoid makeup for a while when you are recovering from a bad case of acne. It will help your skin to breath and will reduce the inflammation which might be aggravated by makeup. However, if you do use makeup, then try the Miracle Aloe Vera – Tea Tree Anti Acne Soap for removing the makeup properly.
  • Let your face heal naturally- Once you have cured the existing acne, let your face heal naturally. You can use a salve like Frankincense Anti - Blemish Salve to treat the inflamed and broken skin and get glowing skin back.
  • Eat healthy- Another important thing that should be followed is to eat healthy. Eat a lot of fruits, leafy vegetables as well as water so that your sebum production can be kept under control and you can get healthy and glowing skin within a few months