Lemon oil for skin. The fruity way to look fresh

“Hot outside? Let’s have a quick glass of lemonade!” is a very common statement people make during summers. Lemons are not only fresh but also beneficial to your body and skin. Accordingly, lemon added to beauty products, lotions, face wash, shampoos can have a great effect on your body and skin. This is the reason why you find lemon oil as a base ingredient in a lot of beauty and body products.
Let us take a look at the advantages of having lemon oil as an important element.
lemon essential oil

Benefits of lemon for skin

• It cleanses your skin: as we already discussed, vitamin c in lemon makes it a great refreshment for your skin. You can use lemon oil to wipe off the dust and grease from your skin.

• Fights acnes: lemon oil has anti-oxidants that help you to fight acnes and pimples. The extra oil from your skin is wiped off and it opens the pores of your skin. This reduces acnes.

• Slows down the process of aging: ageing is inevitable. You can’t stop it. But you can always slow it down by taking care of your skin. Lemon oil helps in toning your skin. It makes it tighter and more firm. As a result, you look younger than before.

• Blackhead remover: you can rub lemon oil on your face along with sugar to remove blackheads.

Lemon oil has a wonderful effect on hair as well. So, you can use it in any way you want to get healthy looking skin, hair and body.