The Ancient Hair Care Miracle Product Taking Over the Market

When we say licorice, the first thing that comes to mind is the tangy and sweet candy we all love. However, the real hair care magic ingredient is the herb licorice. Licorice is definitely one of the upcoming stars in the world of hair products but it definitely is a product that really works for a wide array of hair concerns like dandruff, chemical damage or hair loss. It can help to heal your hair and make it stronger. 

licorice extract

Scalp Treatment

Licorice root, used since the 3rd century BC in Egypt is known for its soothing properties for dry or irritated scalp, which is extremely effective for treating scalp irritations like dandruff, itchy scalp or small scabs on the scalp. The mollifying properties of licorice can help to open up the pores and deep cleanse. A good quality licorice based hair product can be the way to go if you are looking for a way to treat dry scalp.

Hair growth

If you are losing hair at an alarming rate, licorice can be a good hair treatment for you. Licorice can help to stimulate hair growth by producing a tingling effect on the scalp which stimulates the flow of blood to the scalp, which can aid in hair growth.


Licorice can act as a moisturizer and help to hydrate the scalp for healthier hair growth. If you have chemically treated hair, chances are, your hair is completely dry or damaged. This is due to the rough and harsh chemicals present in colouring products or styling products. Chemical based conditioners can harm the texture of your hair and make it rougher in the process, however, licorice is one of the best scalp moisturizers you can opt for since it helps to preserve the natural oils of the hair and does not dry out your scalp.

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