Let Us Find Out If Skin Whitening Is Possible. Use The Goat milk Avocado Soap To Get Brighter Skin.

Skin whitening? What on Earth is that? Well, we are sure you know that the colour of your skin depends on the level of melanin production in the skin. Dark people have more melanin, while people with a lighter complexion have less. Skin whitening or lightening is a process, which helps you to reduce the melanin content in your skin, and helps you to get brighter, glowing and lighter skin colour using various agents like creams, bleaching agents, laser treatments, chemical peeling and surgeries as well. Antioxidants like vitamin C also help to lighten your skin colour.

We would totally recommend you to go all-natural! Here are some items you would easily find in your kitchen that could help you to get lighter skin.

Here is the list:

  • Green tea:

    It has powerful antioxidants that not only fights free radicals making your skin look youthful by fighting the signs of aging, but also helps your skin to look glowing and brighter on its regular consumption! You should drink at least three cups a day in order to see the healthy results!

    In addition, you can make a facemask using green tea, honey and an egg white, by whipping all the three ingredients together and applying it on your face. Leave it on your face for half an hour and wash it off. Follow it up with a moisturizer.

  • Oranges:
    Being a rich source of Vitamin C, oranges are not only good for your health, but works like magic on your skin too. Use it topically to get glowing skin, as oranges contain bleaching properties naturally and helps to lighten your skin tone.
  • Tomatoes:

    It has natural bleaching and whitening properties that aids in lightening your skin tone. It contains vitamin C and has astringent properties that works to bring back life to your dull and lifeless skin. It can also help to balance the pH level of your skin, and control the level of sebum production on your skin.

    When used on a regular basis, it can help to give you brighter looking skin. You can simply cut a tomato into half and apply it directly on your skin, let it dry and wash off; or prepare a mask using either avocados, or buttermilk, or yogurt and apply it on your face to get best results.

  • Milk:

    Milk is loaded with calcium that helps to make your skin complexion lighter, and regulate the coloration of your skin. The calcium present in it also helps to create a protective layer on your skin and aids in preventing skin dryness. The lactic acid that milk contains works to enhance skin pigmentation.

    Simply dip a washcloth on warm milk and apply it to your skin, and then massage the skin for 2-3 mins.
    However, do not try this if you are allergic to milk.

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