Neem Oil: A little bit of bitterness can be great for skin.

Also, known as the queen of medicinal plants, neem is known for its innumerable benefits on skin and body. Neem oil, as most of you must be knowing, comes from the neem tree and has a number of qualities including your health and curing any kind of diseases. Neem oil is equally beneficial for your skin and face. Let us take a look exactly how.

neem carrier oil

Neem oil benefits on your skin:

• It protects your skin from almost everything: 21st century people are always in a hurry. Amidst all the pollution and unhealthy lifestyles, they forget to take care of their skin and body. So, dull skin, blemishes and acnes are very common. Neem oil reduces such skin infections and protects your skin from all such external factors.

• Anti-Aging Formula: neem oil has a number of anti-oxidants that fight all signs of aging giving you flawless wrinkle free skin.

• Cure for Eczema: Eczema is a skin disorder whereby skin becomes red and itchy along with dryness and irritation, you can apply neem oil in form of face packs to not only reduce eczema but also reduce the causes that result in such a disorder.

Neem oil is cheap and easily available. It has multiple uses starting from skin, to hair to body organs in general. It might be bitter, but the bitterness has some magic to it.

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