Do you also struggle to find a flawless cleansing soap for your skin? No big deal, the wide range available in the market can leave anyone confused. You must have heard people changing their daily soaps and shifting to natural soaps .or you might have tried that yourself.

Like many other people out there, are you too in dilemma with the choice? What actually are natural soaps? Are they really better than Syndets? Should you use them? Do they possess any side effects?... and much more.

So here we discuss about natural sopas and how are they different from Syndets.

Natural Soaps

Natural or traditional Soaps are being used by people since centuries. They're considered perfect and highly effective for cleansing the skin. It strips away all the dirt and bacteria from your skin. So, your skin feels fresh and free after you've had a bath with a natural soap. Though a soap has a pH of 9 to 10 and is a bit alkaline, but your body is capable enough to regain that pH in no time. Isn't it a classy call to your need? Make sure you use a body moisturizer after you come out of a shower. 

What are syndet bars?

"Synthetic" along with "detergent", form "syndet" and these are made from synthetic surfactants. They are made with synthetic ingredients and other items like oil, petroleum products and fats.

Syndets or natural Soaps - which is better for your skin?

Nothing can beat the benefits of natural items. No chemical ingredient and no synthetic oil has the quality to beat the natural healthy benefits of a natural soap. Syndets are made gentle but they go through a lot of chemical processes to get that texture and feature. However, natural soap has glycerin which is a humectant and is very important to keep your skin hydrated.

All the ingredients of natural Soaps are organic and are highly beneficial for your skin. They are skin friendly and are highly gentle on skin. You can imagine the softness by the fact that they can be used for cleansing even baby skin. So, if you're someone who is shy to ask for a sensitive skin soap bar, you can go and ask for a natural soap.

How to choose right bar for your skin?

Finding a bar soap which is perfect for your skin is like finding a hidden treasure. So here are some tips that can help you find that treasure without too much of hassle:

  • Body soap or facial bar? If you're looking for a bar soap for your body, you may choose traditional soaps. However, syndets would be better if you're looking for facial soap.
  • If you want an all-natural, vegan bar soap, traditional natural soap is best for you. You can opt for syndets if you're good with synthetic ingredients as well.
  • Experiment and Observe. It's not necessary that a soap which works best for some other person would go well with your skin too. You're different and so is your skin. So, experiment with your skin and see which bar soap makes it happy. Know what your skin feels like and make decision regarding the product accordingly.

This was all you need to know about syndets and soaps. Now you can make your own choice and use that you like. We wish you a happy, soft skin!