St. John’s Wort Oil: Benefits that win your heart

Grandmother’s home remedies are great, aren’t they? Well, we can say something similar about St John’s Wort Oil. The oil is applicable for almost all types of minor skin problems starting from wounds and cuts to minor burns, sore muscles and pains. This easily available oil can be an answer to all your skin related problems.

Let us take a look how.

john's wort flower

Benefits of St John’s Oil on skin:

• It is great for curing minor burns: the oil, when applied on burns, can heal them within a few minutes. So, from now on, if you are working in the kitchen and you get minor burns, you know what you need. It gives you relief from the pain and burning sensation.

• Good for your muscles: this oil is great for your muscles. You can massage them on your muscles and reduce muscle stress. This relaxes your muscles.

• It helps in removing scars and marks: got a scar from your childhood injury? A mark that doesn’t fade away? Well, you can use this oil to get rid of that unwanted scar on your body.

• The oil also acts as an antiseptic and is great for applying on cuts, wounds and scratches.

The oil is cheap and easily available everywhere. So you can just buy and stock it somewhere in your house because these kind of oils always come in handy in different situations.