Give your skin some love with a Tomato based skincare product

One of the very basic staples in most kitchens actually doubles as an amazing skincare item. Not only are tomatoes great for your health, they can also help to reduce pores, acne or rashes. Tomatoes have also been tested for their ability to revive dull skin. Packed with lycopene, an antioxidant that can help in maintaining your youthful glow for life, this is a must have for your skincare kit. Here are some of the best beauty benefits of tomato. 

tomato ingredients

• Pores: Pores can lead to gross build-up of gunk inside that can lead to breakouts. Tomatoes can help to reduce the problem of pores by tightening them.

• Acne: Rich in Vitamin A, C and E, which have all been proven to be extremely effective for acne, tomatoes can help to really get rid of acne and give you soft, smooth skin. It can also help you prevent its reoccurrence.

• Astringent: For people with oily skin, it is often like looking at something that is extremely greasy. Using a tomato on your face can help you with the excessive oily skin. It can also reduce the appearance of blackheads for a clear complexion.

• Glowing skin: Using tomato on your face can help you make your skin youthful and beautiful.