With the winters around the corner, it is finally time to say goodbye to the summer skincare products and stock up on the beauty products for the cold weather. Winters are a little harsh on our skin and spoil our natural beauty. With the temperature going down, it takes away the moisture from our skin, making it look chapped and dry. That’s why you need winter-special skincare and beauty products to restore moisture and make your skin look healthier and hydrated. Here are a few items to add to your winter skincare regimen.

Skin Softening Cream-based Cleanser

Your skin feels extremely dry in winters, which is why the regular cleanser will not work. It strips your skin of the natural oil, which acts as the primary defensive layer on your face. A cream-based cleanser is gentle to your skin and removes the facial impurities while retaining the moisture on your skin. So, a gentle cream-based cleanser for winters is a must to get soft skin. It keeps your skin fresh, clean and hydrated throughout the day.

A Face Serum

A simple aloe vera face serum is sufficient for your skin. It protects your skin from ageing and keeps it looking fresh and smooth. The Aloe Vera Face Gel comes packed with many nourishing ingredients that bring a unique glow to your face. It also maintains your skin moisture level. The skin-softening facial serums must be applied before moisturisers so they can get absorbed in your skin easily. Try our Aloe Vera Face Gel.

A Moisturizer

Once you are done cleansing, apply a moisturiser to restore the moisture in your skin. You can’t use any ordinary moisturiser in winter. In winter, the cracked and dry skin needs a creamy and nourishing formula for soft skin that looks clean, supple, and radiant. Some moisturisers also offer sun protection.

Skin Brightening Body Lotion

Winters make your hands, legs, and face look extremely dry. A body lotion comes in handy for those experiencing rough and cracked skin. Pour a small amount of body lotion on your dry hands and legs and spread it gently with your hands.

Shea almond natural beauty body lotion is the perfect solution to your dry skin. Or, you can try jojoba and other flavours to keep your skin supple while preventing dryness.

Lip Balm

Another common winter skin problem is dry lips. Not only does it look bad, but dry and cracky lips are very painful. The skin on your lips is susceptible and thin. It is highly likely to get cracked, chipped, and dry in winters.

The worst part is your lips cannot replenish the moisture naturally. You need to use a lip balm or a hydrating cream to restore moisture and maintain its smoothness. Get an unscented organic beauty lip balm to prevent flakiness and dryness on your lips. You could also use any flavoured lip balms for extra aroma.

Make your skin winter-ready with these organic beauty products. Say goodbye to the flaky, dry, and dehydrated skin and feel the unique glow. Pamper your skin with these nourishing skin brightening products!