Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and Massage

Oil extracted from vetiver roots is known for its characteristic warm yet cooling smell with earthy and balsamic undertones . The scent is refreshing and essential for balancing emotions and encouraging positive moods. The sedative constituents of this oil makes it perfect for relieving stress, panic and anxiety . Once massaged into the skin, it leaves a soothing feel that revitalizes the mind and enhances productivity. If you have trouble sleeping, vetiver oil is used to induce relaxation and a restful sleep .

Perfect Skin Care Treatment

Vetiver essential oil is applied topically on the skin to moisturize it and enhance water retention . It promotes collagen production which in turn yields a firm skin that can effortlessly resist the harsh effects from our environment. Vetiver oil is also known for its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent premature aging that can result from stress. With regenerative properties, it helps in the healing process of wound and it promotes the growth of new radiant skin . This organic oil not only moisturizes the skin, it treats acnes and makes oil production in the skin balanced.

Promotes Natural Hair Growth

Vetiver oil can be added to a wide variety of hair care products for extra richness. It can be used to treat scalp eczema and psoriasis. Also, the oil contains useful anti-dandruff properties rid your scalp of excess oil and allow natural hair growth. It soothes inflammation that arises from fungal and/or bacterial growths. The organic essential oil stimulates collagen formation which is necessary for a healthy hair growth. Our Vetiver Root Shikakai Anti Dandruff Hair Spray and Patchouli Evening Primrose Cedarwood Anti Dandruff Hair Oil do miracles.

Flushes Out Toxins from Skin

Our environment today is heavily polluted with toxins that can creep into our skin pores and cause breakouts and mild to severe skin conditions. Vetiver essential oil is a powerful antibacterial agent that prevents pores from clogging and fights against impurities and toxins.

Protects Against Ticks

Ticks are parastic insects that lodge in skin pores. Applying vetiver oil topically provides your skin the necessary repellency to fight against ticks. The oil is highly toxic to ticks.