The benefits of Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil has a relaxing and soothing effect on your senses, and has a fragrance that's a combination of lemon and patchouli oil! It is simply irresistible; is used in food and beverage industry; is heavily used in perfumes; and is also actively used by our Company in most of our cosmetic products. This gifted grass species has a range of benefits on your skin. Read on to know more!

Vetiver Root

1. No more marks: Vetiver oil helps to reduce acne and acne scars too. It is helpful in treating the inflamed skin caused due to acne outbursts. This is possible because Vetiver oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It keeps your skin free of blemishes.

2. Heals damage: This essential oil wards off skin damage signs like redness of the skin and appearance of rashes. It also decreases skin inflammation caused externally. It also repairs dryness of the skin, and skin conditions like Eczema.

3. Keeps skin toned: Vetiver oil keeps your skin hydrated, moisturized and thus, prevents dryness of the skin. It also helps to keep your skin toned by increasing skin elasticity, which keeps the skin tightened and firmer.

4. Get youthful looking skin: Vetiver oil contains cicatrisants which activate collagen formation. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, prevents dark spots, acne marks and blemishes, and keeps the skin moisturized and healthy. It also keeps your skin firm by strengthening skin tissues, finally giving you flawless looking skin.

Try it to feel the difference!