Our story so far

It all started with a desire to create something pure, something beneficial, something truly exotic yet actually affordable.

Mirah Belle Naturals was conceptualised because of a genuine concern about the number of synthetic chemicals in commercial skin care products and the possible adverse effects these chemicals were having on us, our children and our planet. Back in 2015, a relative of mine was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. One of the theories which were doing the rounds at that time was that Asbestos present in Talcum powder could have been a probable cause. She was advised to strictly use only organic products during her course of treatment. The doctors rejected reputed Indian brands, stressing that the products should be Authentic & Certified apart from being Sulfate & Paraben free.

Repeated requests to friends and relatives to carry back certified products from US was turning out to be complicated.

It was then that I identified a gap in the market, for Certified Organic products which were also Affordable. Mirah Belle strives towards creating awareness about the long term ill – effects of using chemical laden products which are high on Sulphates, Formaldehyde and Parabens. Working with a team of Scientists and Formulators, we are looking to provide a safe alternative to people who are habituated to using products which are loaded with carcinogenic compounds.

If you have any queries about the products - sourcing, formulation or distribution, please feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] I love what I do and I am more than happy to share it with you! :-)

- Shivani Kapur (Founder - Mirah Belle)

The Science Behind it

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found the carcinogen (1,4-dioxane) in 28% of all personal care products. The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) found the same chemical in more than 40% of products labelled “natural.” This includes shampoos, soaps, and body firming and anti-aging lotions. Take note: The carcinogen (1,4-dioxane) isn’t listed on product labels. Aside from wanting to avoid exposure to potentially harmful chemicals during cancer treatment, natural products tend to be milder on the skin — which can become especially sensitive while undergoing rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. The European Union has outlawed 1328 product toxins, whereas the U.S. has banned a mere 30.

Given that cancer fighters and survivors are already in a tumultuous, high-risk state, they are also conscious of common toxic beauty ingredients that have been linked to cancer, such as polyethylene glycols, triclosans, and diethanolamine or DEA. Hormone and reproductive disrupting toxins, like parabens, BHA, and phthalates, are also a prime concern for people with estrogen receptive cancers.

Parabens are known to weakly mimic estrogen in certain situations which gained them the description “endocrine disruptor.” In 2004, the Journal of Applied Toxicology published a study in which researchers found parabens in breast cancer tissue.

In 2006, paper published by the International Association for the Research of Cancer (part of the World Health Organization), classified perennial use of talc based body powder as a human carcinogen.

Who We Are?

Mirah Belle Naturals is an Organic/Natural - Beauty & Personal Care brand offering 200+ luxurious, certified, hand-crafted products - all made in India. We are Vegan with the exception of Milk & Honey in a few of our products, Cruelty Free, Sustainable with Recyclable Packaging.

Mirah Belle develops, manufactures and markets its products across the country and is looking to expand its presence across the globe. The entire ranges of Products - from the ingredients to the packaging - are inspired by nature.

The company has its manufacturing facility in Gurugram, India. The facility is licensed by the Haryana Drugs & Cosmetics State Government. We have our own Microbiology lab where the formulations are developed and tested (physical, chemical & microbial testing.)

We are present across 40 E-Commerce Platforms across the globe and have a large Retail Presence around the Country.

For Distributor Related Queries, please contact - [email protected] or 8588848418

How we do it

Our Manufacturing Facility