Macadamia Nut Oil for Hair

Macadamia oil is made from the nuts of the macadamia tree. Macadamia nuts are credited for being a great source of naturally occurring fatty acids. The fatty acids in macadamia oil may provide moisture to the hair and scalp, among other benefits. Macadamia oil is also rich in magnesium, oleic acid, calcium, and antioxidants.

Most macadamia oil used in beauty and hair products is pure, cold-pressed oil. There can be additional health benefits from increasing your intake of macadamia nuts, as well as topically applying the oil anyone with medium-coarse or dry, damaged hair. Those with curly hair will also benefit from the hydrating factor of macadamia oil.

Macadamia oil is not safe for anyone with a nut allergy, as it may trigger an allergic reaction.It’s safe to use up to two times a week topically and there can be additional benefits to your hair health by adding macadamia nuts to your well-balanced diet.Steam treatments to maximize the benefits of macadamia oil for hair. The addition of heat helps with the absorption of macadamia oil in low-porosity hair.Macadamia oil penetrates hair more efficiently than some other oils, like mineral oil. Mineral oil can build up on your scalp. Over time, it can make your hair feel heavier and look duller.


  • Regulates oil production
  • Hydrates the scalp
  • Regenerates scalp skin
  • Tames dry, frizzy hair
  • Aids in restoring damaged hair
  • Prevents oxidative stress
  • Macadamia oil can smooth hair
  • Adds Shine
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Macadamia Nut Oil

Take care of your hair in the natural way with Henna
Willow bark extract is made from several kinds of a willow tree. They are also known as Salix Alba. They are mostly known for its powerful benefits that they provide for your hair and scalp. Let us look at the list of benefits.

• Henna greatly helps in the growth of hair. The henna powder can be added to gingili oil to produce an essential oil which greatly nourishes the hair and encourages growth.

• If your hair has become rough and dull, Henna is the right choice for you! This magical powder when formed into a paste deeply conditions your hair.

• Because of the increasing pollution in today’s world, itchy and dry scalp is a common problem. Henna is known for its anti-microbial properties which help in fighting itchy scalp.

• The commonest use of henna is using it as a hair dye. If you are afraid of using chemical products for hiding your greys, then henna is the right choice for you!

• Hair greatly improves the quality of your hair by making it thick as well as lustrous. It adds shine to your hair and makes it voluminous.

Thus, you must be already craving for using henna for your hair to get the naturally gorgeous hair!

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