Argan Oil for Skin

One of the rarest oils in the world, argan oil is extracted from the kernels that grow on argan trees. The argan trees are native to Morocco, where people have appreciated the health properties of this versatile oil for centuries.

Commonly sold as a pure oil and also available in the form of capsules, argan oil can be used both orally and topically to boost skin, nail, and hair health. It contains a rich concoction of active ingredients and powerful vitamins that enhance overall skin health and also help address a variety of skin concerns such as eczema and acne.

Argan oil skin benefits can be attributed to antioxidant compounds such as carotenes, vanillic acid, fatty acids, vitamin E, catechins and other polyphenolic compounds the oil is brimming with. All these play a part in strengthening the body’s immune system and maintaining healthy skin. It’s no wonder that a lot of cosmetic products like moisturisers, serums, creams, shampoos, and conditioners have argan oil as one of their star ingredients.

We too recognise the immense benefits of argan oil skincare and have it as a prominent ingredient in our award-winning Correcting Eye Cream. Let’s now take a look at the amazing benefits of argan oil for skin and how you can incorporate it into your daily routine.Argan oil is a plant oil extracted or distilled from the kernels of the argan plant, which is native to the North African region.

This oil is commonly used as a topping for different salads and other dishes, such as bread or pasta. However, this oil has also been found to have many active ingredients and compounds, such as vitamin E, carotenes, fatty acids, polyphenolic compounds, vanillic acid, and catechins, among others. It is often called the miracle oil or liquid gold. The density of antioxidant compounds makes this oil extremely useful in natural health remedies, specifically on the face and skin.


  • Moisturises and hydrates skin
  • Protects against harmful UV rays and sun damage
  • Acts as a skin toner and lightener
  • Provides relief from multiple skin conditions
  • Soothes symptoms of atopic dermatitis
  • Controls skin's oiliness
  • Helps treat acne
  • Has anti-ageing effects

Argan Oil

Argan Oil has been recently making into the popularity charts because of the benefits it has in store for the skin. What makes it the right ingredient for the perfect skin care regime? It is the perfect blend of anti-oxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E. It is the number one choice among the popular cosmetics chosen by the celebrities. It is also called as Liquid Gold, which is extracted from the seed of Argan tree.

Here are a few benefits of Argan Oil for everyone to reap: -

• Skin Moisturizer: To keep your skin gentle, smooth and hydrating you need to keep it moisturized all the time to a point where your skin neither loses the natural oils nor remains too dry. It gives the skin a natural boost working as natural skin moisturizer. Just massage your skin with the oil by taking a few drops on your palm daily for best results.

• Reduces the harsh effects of the toners: Not just the toners you buy have the capability to tone your skin type but Argan Oil too can. Just add a few drops to your daily use toner so that the harsh chemicals in it don’t affect your sensitive skin. Argan Oil gives your skin an even skin tone if used daily before bedtime.

• Works effectively as a night serum: Eyes being the most delicate organ of your body so is the skin on top of it. Argan Oil works very effectively to keep the fine lines and wrinkles away from appearing near your eye region. It also removes tiredness, puffiness and dark circles from the skin.

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