Benefits of French Green Clay for Skin

The French green clay we source and blend in our natural skincare takes its vibrant green colour from the clay's iron oxide and decomposed kelp and algae content. This clever clay is well known for its detoxifying skin care benefits and that's all due to its unique blend of minerals, including dolomite, manganese, silica and copper.
The green clay contains negatively charged molecules which cling to the positively charged molecules in makeup, grime and impurities on your skin, gently whisking them away, while removing dead skin cells and leaving skin positively brighter and healthier. More benefits for your skin include:

French green clay is a pure, untreated clay, with a beautiful light green colour and soft texture. Extracted from naturally occurring deposits in France and China, this clay is known for its absorbent, purifying and skin calming properties.
It gets its green colour from a combination of iron oxides and decomposed plant matter, and can be found on all major e-commerce websites. Apart from that, many cosmetic companies are coming up with products containing French green clay.French green clay is a wonderful ingredient, with many benefits for your skin. Found in our Green Clay Cleansing Balm and Green Clay Face Mask, it has natural cleansing properties to improve a dull complexion and balance blemish-prone skin. Read more about why green clay is so good for your skin and how to include it as part of your skincare rituals. 


  • Drawing out impurities from the pores.
  • Exfoliating dead skin cells.
  • Toning and firming the skin.
  • Stimulating circulation.
  • Helping heal blemishes.
  • Soothing the skin
  • Balancing skin
  • Clean Pores
  • Firmer Skin
  • Controls Oil Production
  • Thorough Nourishment
  • Clears Blemishes

French Green Clay

Anything that has the tinge of green in it makes it a far better product than anything else. The presence of high concentration of plant matter along with copper, silica, phosphorus and magnesium makes it a powerful component for a whole lot of reasons. The benefits it possesses:

Cleans from deep within.
French Green Clay has the property to cleanse your face from deep inside by removing all the stored impurities from your face. It gently exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells and sebum.

Serves the purpose of detoxification.
The second French Green Clay comes in contact with water it gets all charged up to pull out the harmful toxins and heavy metals from your face and gives it a natural glow.

Great for fighting body odors.
A great product for removing body odor and stink that is caused by sweating. Sweat under your arms can be the cause for embarrassment. Green French Clay has the ability to soak the excess sweat from your underarms and it also has the properties to soothe sensitive skin.

Cleans your hair.
The use of chemical products steals your scalp from its nourishment. Problems of dandruff and itchiness will go when you start using French Green Clay. It cleanses the scalp from deep within and maintains the natural oil secreted by the pores after eliminating the impurities clogged inside them.

Let your teeth dazzle with French Green Clay. The presence of plaque and tartar can be removed too by the use of this amazing product. Let your teeth glow brighter than ever with the use of this natural ingredients.

Enjoy your new and glorious look!

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