Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil for Skin

If you’re a skincare and beauty enthusiast and read our articles regularly, then you’d know by now that we take a look into the kitchen pantry every now and then for skin and hair care inspiration. This is because we believe that while skincare products are essential, we must also make use of the tremendous treasure nature provides us with – in the form of herbs, fruits and vegetables – to pamper our skin and hair.

Basically, the carrot seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the wild carrot plant known as daucuscarota. Cold-pressed from carrot seeds and yellowish-brown in colour, it is used in skincare products for its anti-ageing benefits.

Carrot seed oil is a type of essential oil that has natural anti-aging properties. Cold pressed from carrot seeds, this essential oil has shown anti-oxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-fungal properties and anti-bacterial properties. All great benefits for a quality skincare product.Carrot seed oil is commonly used as a skin-protecting agent in many skin care products.

It is an effective natural hair moisturizer. Since it is rich in carotenoids and vitamin A, you can achieve a naturally radiant complexion. When you use it as a facial oil alongside natural ingredients, you will find yourself looking younger. You can also protect skin against free radicals and sun damage.


  • Slows down ageing.
  • Soothes the skin.
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria.
  • Protects skin from sun damage.
  • Regulates sebum production.
  • Helps treat various skin conditions.
Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil for skin. The golden way of getting great skin.
Looks beautiful, works wonders. Yes, I am talking of carrot seed oil. The golden liquid extracted from carrot seeds works wonders on hair and skin. It mixes and blends well with a number of other oils rendering you a beautiful skin and hair. The high nutrient quantity in the oil has multiple uses. Let us take a quick look at how this oil can help you.

Carrot seed oil benefits on skin:
• It acts as an efficient moisturizer: carrot seed oil is an effective moisturizer. It evenly spreads all over the surface of your skin and deeply hydrates it. The oil captures the moisture of your skin and makes you look fresh and beautiful.

• It controls aging: carrot seed oil has a number of efficient anti-oxidants that protect the skin from freely moving radicals and UV rays of the sun. As a result of this, your skin looks less dull and worn out. You get a younger looking skin.

• Anti-acne properties: your skin will be protected from acnes and pimples. Its cleansing properties helps in rejuvenating cells and tissues. All the skin pores can breathe properly as a result of which you don’t get skin irritation and infection.

• It is also known to prevent and heal skin infections and blemishes.

This makes carrot seed oil a very sought after product when it comes to skin problems and solutions.

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