Benefits of Cinnamon Oil for Skin

Cinnamon bark oil (Cinnamomumverum) is derived from the plant of the species name Lauruscinnamomum and belongs to the Lauraceae botanical family. Native to parts of South Asia, today cinnamon plants are grown across different nations throughout Asia and shipped around the world in the form of cinnamon essential oil or cinnamon spice. It’s believed that today over 100 varieties of cinnamon are grown worldwide, but two types are definitely the most popular: Ceylon cinnamon and Chinese cinnamon.

Browse through any essential oils guide, and you’ll notice some common names like cinnamon oil, orange oil, lemon essential oil and lavender oil. But what makes essential oils different than ground or whole herbs is their potency. Cinnamon oil is a highly concentrated source of beneficial antioxidants.

Cinnamon has a very long, interesting background many people consider it one of the longest-existing spices in human history. Cinnamon was highly valued by ancient Egyptians and has been used by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners in Asia for thousands of years to help heal everything from depression to weight gain. Whether in extract, liquor, tea or herb form, cinnamon has provided people relief for centuries.

Throughout history, the cinnamon plant has been tied to protection and prosperity. It’s said to have been part of a mixture of oils used by grave-robbing bandits to protect themselves during the plague in the 15th century, and, traditionally, it’s also associated with the ability to attract wealth. In fact, if you were lucky enough to have cinnamon during ancient Egyptian times, you were considered a wealthy man; records show that the value of cinnamon might have been equivalent to gold!

The cinnamon plant is used in a few different ways to produce medicinally beneficial products. For example, you’re probably familiar with common cinnamon spice that’s sold in nearly every grocery store in the U.S. Cinnamon oil is a bit different because it’s a much more potent form of the plant that contains special compounds not found in the dried spice.


  • Decreases inflammation
  • Fights infections
  • High antioxidant content
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Fights parasites
  • It has antibacterial properties and hence is a godsend for acne
  • Cinnamon Oil is a powerful antioxidant and thus prevents signs of ageing
  • It can make your skin look plumper and more even-toned
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
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Cinnamon Oil

Effect of cinnamon oil on your skin
Besides treating your skin disorders, the cinnamon oil extracts are also used for medicinal purposes. Cinnamon is a common spice which adds flavour to your food and eliminates all the waste products from your body. India, Sri Lanka and all other Asian countries are some of the places where cinnamon grows in abundant. Cinnamon oil plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy.
Some of the benefits that cinnamon oil offers are as follows:

1. Acts as a cleanser for your face: It goes deep within the skin and cleanses away all the dirt and pollution. Massage your face with cinnamon oil regularly to stimulate and provide the necessary nourishment to the hair follicles of your skin.

2. It has antiseptic properties: According to several studies and resources, it is seen that cinnamon oil has antiseptic properties. The anti-bacterial as well as the anti-fungal property helps it to fight against bacterial strains. It tends to cure septic infections.

3. Plumps your skin: Cinnamon oil makes your fines lines become less visible by plumping your skin. All the blood vessels of your skin are stimulated by cinnamon oil and thus it brings blood to the skin’s surface.

4. It can be used as a lip gloss or even can be used for plumping up your lips.

5. It effectively rejuvenates your skin by treating pimples and acne. When cinnamon oil mixed with honey in 1:3 proportions, it removes the acne scars and treats skin infections.

6. One of the most common types of skin infection is eczema. When you suffer from eczema, you tend to achieve irritated and inflamed skin. Make a paste of honey and cinnamon oil in equal proportion and apply it directly on the inflamed skin. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of this ingredient can easily heal your skin.

Nowadays, cinnamon oil is the most commonly used ingredient in the skin care products.

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