Jasmine Oil for Skin Care

Jasmine oil is an essential oil that comes from the white flowers of the common jasmine plant. It is also known as JasminumOfficinale. It is known that the flora originated from Iran, but can now also be found in tropical climates. For many years, jasmine has been famous for its sweet, romantic fragrance and has been used in some of the world’s best-known perfumes. It’s also a common ingredient in alcohol, sweets, and desserts.

Jasmine oil and components of jasmine oil synthetic blends have properties that offer several health benefits. Although this is a common home remedy that is used to treat everything from depression to infection, it is best known as an aphrodisiac. Jasmine oil is a sweet-smelling oil.

Through aromatherapy or by penetrating the skin, the oils from the jasmine flower affect several biological factors which include heart rate, body temperature, stress response, alertness, blood pressure, and breathing. Jasmine oil is called “Queen of the Night,” both because of the intense night-time scent of jasmine flower and also because of its libido-boosting properties.


  • Natural Antiseptic
  • Great for Dry Skin
  • Provides Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Perfect Skin Moisturizer
  • Great for Sensitive Skin
  • Works to Heal Scars
  • Promotes Sleep
  • Evens Skin Tone
  • Helps control oiliness
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • Scars and blemishes are removed. 

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Jasmine Oil

This exotic flower has a lot in store for you.
Tiny little flowers, that serene beauty, that mesmerizing smell. Has to be jasmine. One of the most exotic flowers, jasmine is known for its beautiful fragrance that steals hearts. Along with this, jasmine oil extracted from jasmine flower is great for your skin and hair. You will often find jasmine is oils, lotions, shampoos and body washes. Have you ever thought why? Let us figure out why jasmine is present in all such body products.

Benefits of jasmine oil on your skin:

• It is known for calming you down: getting stressed at work? Don’t get sleep at night? Well it is time for a good massage with jasmine oil. Jasmine oil is great for reducing stress and anxiety. The fragrance lingers around all day and makes you feel nice and fresh.

• It has antiseptic properties: jasmine oil is known for its medicinal properties that help in fighting infections, itchy skin and skin diseases.

• It reduces stretch marks: jasmine oil when applied to skin with stretch marks, reduce them drastically. Apply it on your elbows and knees to get rid of dry skin and skin breakage.

• Jasmine is good for sensitive skin: nothing suits your skin? Well try out jasmine oil. It suits most of the skin types and you will get glowing skin that is moisturized from within.

Jasmine oil is really good on hair as well. It makes the roots of your hair strong and reduces hair fall. It brings back that shine in your hair and skin and makes you glow wherever you go.

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