Know the Amazing benefits of Kokum butter for your skin

Kokum butter is the butter derived from the kernels of the Kokum fruit. This butter is a rich emollient and contains a lot of fatty acids and proteins. Moreover, it is non comedogenic in nature and hence can be applied liberally on face as well as all over the body. Kokum butter is also oxidative in nature as well as anti-inflammatory. All these properties make Kokum Butter the best for sensitive skin and hence it has made its way into all our skin care products. Here is a list of the amazing benefits that using Kokum Butter can give you.

kokum butter benefits for skin

Top Benefits Of Kokum Butter for Your Skin

1. Great Lip balm

Kokum butter is great for the treatment of dry and chapped lips. Kokum butter is quite light and gets absorbed on your lips in a jiffy. It is for this reason that Kokum butter is nowadays a favourite ingredient in all the lip balms. However, it would be best of you use natural kokum butter for your lips.

2. Amazing moisturizer

Kokum butter is known to be a great emollient which makes it a great moisturizer. It is light and is perfect for any skin type. Body butter made with a lot of kokum butter is a great way for your skin to regain its moisture during the harsh winters.

3. Anti-aging

As kokum butter is so rich in fatty acids and proteins it helps your skin to boost its collagen production and hence helps to retain its elasticity. Wrinkles formed mainly due to the drying effects of the weather and the sun is easily reversible with the help of Kokum Butter.

4. Treat your cracked heels

Treating cracked heels have now become easier with the application of kokum butter. As it is a great moisturizer, it helps to heal cracked heels within a few days of application.

Start using kokum butter today and forget all your skin woes and troubles.