Palm Kernel Oil for Skin

Palm kernel oil is a special edible oil that is extracted from the kernel of the oil palm fruit. It should not be mistaken for palm oil – extracted from the pulp of the palm fruit or coconut oil – extracted from the kernel of the coconut.

Palm kernel oil is incredibly valuable to health, skin, and hair. It is stable at room temperature, rejuvenates hair, and maintains newborn skin. Palm kernel oil differs from palm oil, as it is obtained from the kernel of the fruit by cold pressing while palm oil is extracted from the fruit’s fleshy part.

Also, its physical and chemical properties differ significantly from palm oil. It is light and amber-colored with a sharp melting point and a fruity smell, while palm oil is bright red and thick.Palm kernel oil is one of the most extensively used natural oils in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

It has been used for various health care benefits for more than fifty years.The palm fruit is the source of both palm oil, which is extracted from palm fruit and palm kernel oil, extracted from the fruit seeds. Palm Kernel Oil characteristics resemble those of coconut oil and the oil is often used in place of coconut oil. 

The oil is also commonly used in hard soaps that lather well due to good saturation and a low molecular weight.There are two kinds of palm oil, namely palm fruit oil and palm kernel oil. Both oils are highly rich in natural ingredients that offer countless health benefits.


  • Helps prevent aging
  • It helps in softening the skin
  • Loaded With Antioxidants
Palm Kernel Oil

Know the benefits of Palm Kernel Oil
Used by our Company in most of our skin care products, Palm Kernel Oil is amazing for your skin health. Abundantly loaded with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, it promotes healthy skin and helps you to look younger forever! Dig in to know the various skin benefits of Palm Kernel Oil.

The following are the various benefits that Palm Kernel Oil offers:
• It is anti-aging: Palm oil contains vitamin E which is great for the skin. It is used in various anti-aging products and helps to heal skin ailments as well. It contains oxidants that fight free radicals, which is a cause of wrinkles and fine lines. It delays skin aging and makes you look youthful.

• It keeps your skin moisturized: Olive oil keeps your skin soft as butter and supple by acting as an effective moisturizer. It acts as a conditioning agent that keeps your skin hydrated for a long time.

• Acts as a sunscreen: Palm Kernel Oil acts as a shield against the harmful UV rays of the Sun and protects the skin from sun damage and tanning.

Use it regularly to enjoy the magical benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

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